Hello, Silicon Valley!

In tech as software engineers, it’s normal to spend each day reading up on the latest technologies, advancements in software architecture, and other general tech news. It makes sense. For most of us, our jobs are at least 40 hours each week (if not significantly more). But what do we do for the remaining 128 hours of each week? The way we live outside of our daily jobs is not something a lot of people think, talk, or write about. 

This has been a project that I’ve been wanting to start for a while now. I want to focus this blog on all the other aspects of living in the valley. From things like dealing with health, anxiety, and social interaction, to product recommendations, to more silly things like speculating on the latest fad that’s taken over the San Francisco, this will place to put my thoughts into words. It’ll be a sort of lifestyle blog that focuses on calling out what it’s like to live in this extremely weird and future-looking region of California.

Welcome to Life in the Bubble.

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