Book Review: Bad Blood

Reading Bad Blood was like seeing a train wreck happening in real life. You hope things get better as time goes on, but it just gets worse. And worse. And WORSE. I read the book knowing how it ends and yet somehow I still had some sort of optimism that things would get better at some point before crashing and burning. Nope.

Sorry, hopefully that wasn’t a spoiler, but if it was then you probably haven’t been keeping up with the news.

As a woman in the tech space, I found it particularly difficult to get through because I have to wonder how much Elizabeth Holmes has set back female entrepreneurs. Women already have enough issues getting funded from VCs as it is, but now it feels like women will have to work extra hard to not remind any potential funding sources of Elizabeth Holmes less they draw some unsavory likenesses. I wish one day we could catch a break and I’d be able to talk about a woman in tech like we talk about Elon Musk or Steve Jobs.

Even though my opening paragraphs were fairly negative, that was mainly about the narrative. This was one of those books that I couldn’t put down because I needed to know the crazy sequence of events that led to where we are now. All in all, this book was amazing. I highly recommend it.

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    Outstanding. Please keep us updated.

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